Area Activities : There’s much more than fishing…

Mountain Bikers

There’s a lot more to do to coincide with your fishing trip! There is plenty of outdoor activities for everyone of every age to enjoy around the ranch and the surrounding area. White Sulphur Springs, although quaint allows you to experience “small town Montana” and with wide open spaces and fresh Montana air, you’ll enjoy any activity under the big Montana sky.


You can meander along several private dirt roads on the Sheep Creek Cabin property that wind through pine forests and open meadows. Most of the public roads that parallel the main Sheep Creek road see little traffic, and are nice walking options too. If you’d like to take a day off from your Montana fishing trip, feel free to hike through the numerous trails surrounding the cabin.

Heading east out of White Sulphur, you’ll find numerous forest service trails up in the Castle Mountains that are beautiful and not well-known – a good topo map will help you locate the trailheads. Although there are few maintained trails in the area, there are miles and miles of dirt and gravel roads that provide endless hiking and walking opportunities both on and off the Riverside Ranch itself.


All the same roads mentioned for hiking provide truly excellent mountain biking terrain. You can find hundreds of roads and cowpaths that will entertain all levels of bikers.

The ranch does not have bikes, but they can be rented in Bozeman and provide a wonderful way to explore the ranch and its environs.


There is essentially nothing in this area that is developed, so the back road driving is exceptional. Just 40 minutes from the Sheep Creek Cabin is the little-known Tenderfoot Divide, where a beautiful lookout sits atop a remote valley that drops several thousand feet below the divide.

Montana Sightseeing

You can also drive down into the gorgeous scenery below, but don’t expect to find a gas station – there is only one occupied house in the entire valley, and otherwise just untouched wilderness. Please keep your vehicle on the road at all times, and respect posted property.

Newlan Creek Reservoir and the Alberta Bair Museum in Martinsdale are also popular day trip destinations. Along with Bair Museum, be sure to go see the Meagher County Museum, located in the old ‘Castle’ in White Sulphur Springs. John’s sister, Donna Dupea, is President of the Historical Society and spends a fair amount of time there – make sure to stop in and say “hi!”


Other than Montana fishing trips, our ranch is a world-class destination for reading, napping, star-gazing, and just plain taking it easy.


White Sulphur is a classic western town of about 1000 people, and it’s the nearest town to the Sheep Creek Cabin (about a 15 minute drive).

Things are typically quiet and slow, with very few tourists, but very friendly people and a handful of basic services.

Dorie’s Cafe and the Truck Stop Cafe are popular for lunch and breakfast, and Dempsey’s Tavern is probably the best place in town for a good steak dinner. There are several gas stations, a small grocery store, a sporting goods store that sells fishing licenses, a liquor store, antique store, drug store, small movie house, and lots of bars.

Montana Fishing Trips
9 hole golf course
Small local airport (fuel only service) that accommodates private planes and jets
Spa hot springs
Small ghost towns and army forts
Fort Logan
Diamond City
Castle Town
Confederate Gulch
Labor Day PRCA Rodeo
Yellowstone National Park

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