Sheep Creek


This picturesque stream winds its way through a scenic meadow just a short stroll from your cabin doorstep. You’ll have access to over 2 miles as it courses through our meadow and another 10 miles further downstream where it cuts through a beautiful canyon. Pocket water with fast runs and deep pools make this an ideal trout stream. Feisty trout looking for a quick meal lurk behind just about every rock. Rainbows are most prevalent and average around 11”, although there are a good number ranging between 16-18”. There are a handful of large browns that can measure up to 23”, and a few native Montana cutthroats. Sheep Creek is a nice option for beginners due to the aggressive nature of these trout, but can also provide a challenge for the more advanced anglers. Wet-wading is easy here. The water is typically quite cool until well into July, and felt soles are recommended. Sheep Creek fishes best from July through September. A light rod balanced for 3 to 4 weight line, and 8.5-9 feet is recommended. Leaders 7 to 9 feet, tapered to a 4x or 5x are a good choice for any time of year.

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