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Bar Z Riverside Ranch

We opened the season here at the Bar Z praying that the water would drop and clear. We got our wish and our first week of 2011 really began on a high note. David Pogran and Aileen Berg flew in on July 5th and we fished 5 days. The lake fished great! It is still pretty cold but the we saw some great Callibaetis and Yellow Sallie hatches and the fish are beginning to cruise the shore and looking up. Sheep Creek fished great in the Canyon. The water was still a little high which proved for some interesting wading but the dry fly fishing was great. We are seeing big yellow stones working there way up the canyon and the orange PMX was the fly of choice. The North Fork of the Smith is on fire!! A little out of its banks but clear, the North Fork is loaded with huge brute Rainbows holding in the pocket water and looking up. The water temp is still a little cool and as we begin to warm the fish will begin to settle in and become even more aggressive. During lunch we were all amazed at the variety of bugs flying around. With grey drakes, salmonflies, callibaetis, and yellow sallies in our presence, we could do no wrong in our fly choices. The main Smith was in great shape and the browns and brookies are chasing streamers from under the cut banks with a a lot of aggression. Thanks for a great week David and Aileen! Looking forward to next year.



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