This Is Fly visits The Bar Z

We were lucky enough to have our good friend Paris Fleezanis from This is Fly Magazine come out for a visit. We fished hard all weekend, but the weather was perfect. That may sound a bit off saying the weather … Continue reading

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Our Browns are bigger than Argentina

What a surprise. A good friend of mine came up to the states to attend the Fly Fishing Retailer Show in Denver. We invited him up for a few days at the ranch but unfortunately he could only manage to … Continue reading

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We are Experiencing the times

It’s been a rough year for everyone around the world; even guides are subject to down days due to clients canceling. So we found ourselves guest less with plenty of time to burn mid July. I decided to take advantage. … Continue reading

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Yellowstone Fishing Report

Head guide Jared Arnold fished the Yellowstone River today and reported good numbers of rising fish on the water. The temp of the water has been heating up a bit so the chances of seeing consistent fish on top is … Continue reading

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Sexiest Guides of 09′

We heard about the First Annual Model Shoot this year for the Guide Of the Year.  So we put our cameras to work at the Bar Z, and guide Jared Arnold took a few minutes to pose for some pics. … Continue reading

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